Major Works Data Sheet for Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Advanced Placement Literature and Composition

General Guidelines:

  1. Historical information: When does the novel take place and what socially or culturally significant events are occurring?
  2. Biographical information: What are some important facts about the author?
  3. Characteristics of the genre: What is the genre of the book and what are the characteristics of that genre?
  4. Plot Summary: What are the main or most important events that occur in the novel?
  5. Author’s Style: Describe the author’s syntax and diction. If you don’t know what these mean or how to apply them, just describe how the author describes events and/or characters.
  6. An example: Give a quote from the text that you feel exemplifies their style.
  7. Memorable Quotes: You may need to complete this on a separate sheet of paper. Write down 15 quotes from the beginning, middle and end of the novel and explain why they are important to one of the following: Character, Setting, Conflict, Theme or a Literary Device such as Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Imagery, Symbolism, or Allusion (Try to apply each term at least once).
  8. Characters: Write down the name, role and significance of the main characters and 2-3 adjectives that describe each character.
  9. Setting: The specific time, place and era the novel takes place.
  10. Symbols: Any objects, people, or places that you feel are representative of something else. Make sure you tell me the symbol as well as what it symbolizes or represents.
  11. Possible Themes: What are three possible themes? Remember a theme is what the author is trying to show us about human nature or life. What can we all relate to?
  12. Significance of the opening scene: Why is the opening scene important? What does it set up or how does it add to the rest of the novel?
  13. Significance of the closing scene? Why is the closing scene important? How does it conclude the novel or what message does it leave us with?
  14. Old AP Question: You can leave this box blank. We will be filling in this box with sample questions as we navigate through various sample tests.

Historical Information:
Biographical Information:
Characteristics of the Genre:
Plot Summary:
Author's Style:
An Example:
Memorable Quotes:
Possible Themes:
Significance of the Opening Scene:
Significance of the Closing Scene:
Old AP Question: